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C’est Moi!

My name is Shinobi and, succinctly put, I am a culinary genius the likes of which this world has never seen! [insert maniacal cackle here]

Okay, that’s only a partly true statement. Shinobi isn’t really my first name and “genius” might be a bit of stretch. The cackle, however, was real and not just effect. I am crazy.

Let’s try again.

My name is Shinobi (yep sticking with that) and I am an obsessive foodie and a geek. *crowd chants back “hi shinobi” soto voce* And nevermind that I have a culinary degree, some professional chef experience, and broad appreciation for anything that qualifies in my mind as “good food.” The simple truth is: I love food and cooking food in all its variations. Or as the Vulcans would say, cooking with “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.”

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. It’s so poetic and yet so totally my relationship with food! I love tweaking (not to be confused with twerking – that’s my day job) and modifying recipes. And now that I consider it, it is a kind of genius, I suppose. Intuiting how ingredients and flavors contrast or combine. And I did remember that awesome Trekkie reference, so I’ll just take back my taking back the genius term. It only took me five minutes to write all this so… Genius!

I live in Phoenix, AZ, with my partner, Clint, two adult cats and a new kitten. The humans in our household agree that Phoenix, as cities go, mostly sucks. It’s always dry, mostly hot and ubiquitous in its shades of tan and brown. But we’ve made career choices that have irrevocably bound us here for the time being, so we try to make the most of it. The felines, who have no jobs or responsibilities beyond giving unconditional love and pooping in predetermined locations, haven’t expressed their thoughts either way. Yet, somehow I feel that they’d prefer living next to the ocean too.

So why Phoenix? A few years back, I attended culinary school in Scottdsale and after shifting cities for a bit, Phoenix was…familiar. I had briefly lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where I tried to develop my culinary skills and get more experience, but the reality was my “experiences” in both cities just left me feeling underpaid, underprivileged, and inscrutably broke. A Tale of Two Cities…it was the best of times…it was the worst of times. And aside from not going crazy in the Bastille, and I prepare food and not shoes apparently, the rest of that story didn’t actually happen to me either. So it’s a only a little appropriate. Okay, or not really at all.

Phoenix/Scottsdale restaurants probably represent some of the most amazing food in the US, most of which I’ve never tried. And since this blog isnt about them, and rather is about me, to hell with all the great restaurants that I’ve never eaten or worked at. (…at which I’ve never eaten… ) My point is: I can follow a recipe too, Mr. Smartie-striped-chef-pants. And I can do it better and cheaper. And even when it’s not better, or look as pretty, at least I know that I paid out the ass to obtain the right ingredients, so that’s… something. Right? Hmm… *ponders this*

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